BlueScope Construction (BSC) is an experienced nationwide design-build general contractor specializing in the design and construction of large commercial and industrial facilities such as distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and aircraft hangars. As part of BlueScope Steel we can provide you with an integrated supply chain from raw steel to finished construction.


From Pre-Construction to after construction Quality Services, BlueScope Construction can provide the services needed to produce an outstanding facility.


BlueScope Construction is proud of our outstanding safety record--over 4 years without a lost time incident. Find out about our commitment to Zero Harm. 

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We Can "Design For Safety"

Posted by Ralph Agee // in Projects, Safety

Safety in the construction industry has notoriously been considered to be a “Field Issue”. Most design firms have taken an arm’s length approach and have considered the method of construction to be left to the contractor. Design professionals are cautious about being involved in the means and methods of construction fearing liability. Through conversations with other design groups, there is also a perception engineering has very little impact on jobsite safety