BlueScope Construction specializes in fast-track construction. Our ability to control the structural design, building shell material manufacturing and delivery, concrete design and placement, and steel erection allows us to develop speedy construction schedules better than most general contractors.

Our in-house scheduling employs a CPM (critical path management) program and updated data input and processing can be accomplished at either on-site or central office locations. In addition to commercially available scheduling programs, we’ve developed our own scheduling tools to help you visualize precisely at what time and where construction is taking place on your project. Utilizing these “schedule sketches” you can feel confident your project is on-time, all the time.

28 Working-Day Steel Erection Schedule

schedule 1.jpg  schedule 2.jpg  schedule 3.jpg
(Left Image) Day 8: Material is staged and erection is underway
(Middle Image) Day 18: Structural steel is 90% erected. Roof and walls are underway

(Right Image) Day 28: The 1.2 million sq. ft. facility is fully enclosed