Our Goal is Zero Harmbluescopesafety.PNG
BlueScope Construction has always been a leader in safety. Our parent company, BlueScope, has safety as its number one priority--Zero Harm.

OSHA Compliance
BlueScope Construction has thoroughly reviewed and is in full compliance with OSHA requirements for the construction industry. In many areas of construction, our safety procedures are more stringent than the associated OSHA standards.

Subcontractor Compliance
BlueScope Construction evaluates the selection of its subcontractors on the basis of safety, quality of work, schedules, and cost. This includes a review of the subcontractor's safety program and past performance with regard to safety. Compliance with the BlueScope Construction safety program is mandatory for all subcontractors.

Trained Staff
Having a field staff that can carry out our safety goals on site is essential. In fact, 80% of our superintendents have received OSHA 510 30 hour training. And, nearly 20% of those superintendents are also OSHA 500 certified to teach the training themselves.

Innovative Safety Ideas
One of our developments, the Sky-Web® Fall Protection and Insulation Support System prompted OSHA to say that, when properly installed Sky-Web would “eliminate the fall hazard at the leading edge of the roof on a partially completed metal building roof system.” We felt so strongly about our development that we offer a version of the system to other contractors to improve the safety on their projects.

We Can Design for Safety
At BSC we believe jobsite hazards can be reduced by the design, detailing, fabrication and delivery of projects. A simple issue such as reducing double handling of a product on a jobsite reduces the chances for harm. A misplaced hole in a structural member, whether it is caused by manufacturing or detailing, can cause field work and create an additional, unnecessary hazard. Material shortages can cause the erector to work around the missing parts and require them to go back later and fill in. We consider the safety implications every time we design and deliver a structure and strive to limit the dangers of construction for the field crews.

A Safety Record Much Better than Industry Average
This emphasis on safety results in safety rates that are much lower than industry standards.

And our subcontractors are also much better than industry average. We have completed over 6 years and 5 million hours without a Lost Time Injury—and this number includes hours worked by our subcontractors.


Read more about our approach to safety in our brochure. BlueScope Safety Brochure rs.pdf