Griffin Wheel Manufacturing Plant


Eichleay Engineers, Inc.
End Use:
Railroad wheel manufacturing
Project Location:
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Square Footage:

BlueScope Construction provided structural engineering, materials procurement, and erection for a new railroad wheel manufacturing facility. The buildings required for the manufacturing process included an electric furnace building that was 93' tall, a scrap metal building, and a process building. The buildings also include 3 bridge cranes, one 85 tons and two 20 tons.

BlueScope Construction’s scope of work included installation of louvers, 2' and 10' ridge ventilators, installation and testing of bridge cranes and 2 trapezoidal emission control and dust collection systems on furnace building roof.

Griffin Wheel Manufacturing Plant
Griffin Wheel Manufacturing Plant
Griffin Wheel Manufacturing Plant
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Kenny Strope

Kenny Strope

Senior Vice President. Construction & Engineering

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