Fort Wainwright Fire Service Barracks

Offices & Training

Bureau of Land Management
End Use:
Fire Service Barracks
Project Location:
Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, AK
Square Footage:
10,720 Sq. Ft.

Design and build a three story dormitory building in Alaska’s extreme weather conditions. Facility
needed single and double room arrangements to house 400 people.

The Alaska Fire Services (AKS) needed housing for 400 seasonal forest fi re fi ghters in the Fairbanks area. The AKS utilized its existing site at Fort Wainwright for the new barracks. During the winter season, when forest fi res were at a minimum, the Department of the Defense would use the barracks for winter training of troops—truly a joint department venture. The barracks needed to be complete by March of 2005 for the fire season but due to the cold winter season, outside construction would be limited to May to October.

Site work started in August 2003 and foundations and partial basement were completed prior to winter
weather. The basement was fi lled with gravel and the site was covered for use as a snow repository. In April 2004, the site was uncovered and the gravel was spread as the base for the construction area around the building. The envelope and interior walls were erected and the building was en-closed in time for heating to be added prior to winter. During the winter months, trades completed the interior fi nishes and the building was put into use in March of 2005.

Fort Wainwright Fire Service Barracks
Fort Wainwright Fire Service Barracks
Fort Wainwright Fire Service Barracks
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