BlueScope Construction Government Services and Sourcewell

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Sourcewell, the national purchasing cooperative, and BlueScope Construction can provide you a way to finally get the quality facilities you need without having to go through the extensive bid process. You’ll get your facilities faster, built by your local contractors, and with less hassle than ever before.

How to Become a Sourcewell Member

Sourcewell is a government agency that establishes an alliance between buyers and suppliers in the education, government and non-profit community. It has over 55,000 member agencies in the cooperative throughout the United State and Canada. To become a member, you can call Sourcewell's membership team at 877.585.9706 or email them. You can find more information about Sourcewell at

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Utilizing BlueScope Construction and Sourcewell to purchase your new construction will result in an easier, faster and better quality facility built by your local contractor.

Read about the problems that can result from the low bid process in this PDF article.


Click the video below to view a testimonial from Art Hance of Hance Construction on the benefits of utilizing the Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) contract:


Products we offer:

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Although BlueScope Construction will carry the construction contract, we will team with the local Builder to perform the majority of the on-site work. And, the majority of your subcontractors and vendors will also be local companies. Your project will be performed by companies in your community and they will continue to be your local contacts after the project is complete.

Getting Started

Want to get started on the easiest construction project you’ve ever had? Call us at 816-245-6000 or email. You’ll find utilizing the Sourcewell contract for construction is the best way to get your new facility.

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