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BlueScope Construction is a full service design-build general contractor and has designed and delivered over 1,000 government facilities. We are licensed in all 50 states and provide an unequaled execution capacity with sound financial wherewithal. As part of our Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) contract and through our General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule, we have successfully completed these facilities without litigation, liquidated damages or early terminations. Our business success is based upon repeat business, the old-fashioned way – one customer and one project at a time. Through our various contract offerings, which are based upon our commercial practices, we can offer complete planning and budgeting services without costs or obligation as our customers progress through their due diligence efforts.

The BSC team delivers a best value solution for your facility needs, within budget, on time and with the level of quality our customers desire. Our unequaled services and construction solutions provide easy answers for all types of facilities including offices, maintenance facilities, hangars, barracks, athletic facilities, schools, storage and warehouses.

BlueScope Construction services and various facility solutions can be purchased through our Sourcewell contract for: state and local governments; education K through University; and non-profits. Our unique team and solutions are also available through our GSA Federal Supply Schedule, plus any of our multiple contracting vehicles for Federal, State and local governments.

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Find out more about our services in the following downloadable brochures below or click here to learn more details about Sourcewell.

BlueScope Construction Sourcewell Catalog

Design-Build Construction with Sourcewell

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) Members, a nationwide buying cooperative for governmental organizations, education and non-profits, allows you to purchase a facility without experiencing the time-consuming and expensive bid process that can result in a poor quality building, late completion and unhappy low-bid contractor performance. Through the Sourcewell membership, you also have access to finance a portion or all of your facility construction needs. Above are some examples of the facilities you could purchase from BlueScope Construction utilizing Sourcewell. We’ll help you with budget estimates without obligation, custom design the facility to fit your needs, and provide the quality facility you require.

BlueScope Construction is a supplier to Sourcewell (formerly NJPA). To purchase our products through Sourcewell, go to

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BlueScope Construction Government Services Catalog

BlueScope Construction services and pre-engineered building systems can be purchased through multiple contracting vehicles for multiple Federal, State and local governments. For our Federal customers, we are accessible through the GSA Federal Supply Schedule.

Federal government agencies and participating state agencies are invited to contact us for special GSA pricing or go to 

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