Leadership Team

Josh Wight_J-003r-3x2.jpgJosh Wight, P.E.

Josh has led several successful operations across BlueScope. A few of his past roles include General Manager of BlueScope Conventional Steel Structures, Vice President Sales for BlueScope Buildings China, and Director of Global Accounts for BlueScope Buildings Asia. His collaborative mindset, diverse market experience, and passion for exceptional service help to deliver the best building solutions for our customers.

 Email: Josh.Wight@BlueScope.com


BlueScope_Construction_Headshots_160202_039-Strope_FINAL.pngKenny Strope
Senior Vice President, Construction & Engineering

Kenny has been in the construction industry over 30 years as a project engineer, general superintendent and project manager. He oversees all aspects of engineering and construction in the company and is an Officer of the Corporation. Kenny’s focus on job site safety has led to the development of several safety practices including our “Good Catch” program. He is a strong advocate of “I see it, I own it, I fix it.” 

Email: KGStrope@BlueScopeConstruction.com


BlueScope-Headshots-Edmonds.pngRobyn Edmonds, CPA
Vice President & Treasurer

Robyn has worked in various roles within BlueScope Buildings, focused on financial planning and analysis, global and domestic support, business strategy and process improvement. Prior to joining BlueScope, she began her career in public accounting servicing clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing and construction. Robyn will work with our construction staff to ensure a smooth financial process for our customers.

Email: Robyn.Edmonds@BlueScopeSteel.com


purvi-shah.pngPurvi Shah
Legal Counsel

Purvi is the Legal Counsel for BlueScope Construction. Her background in real estate and corporate law plus her knowledge of construction law, helps her to make the contract negotiation process understandable and easy to complete.

Email: Purvi.Shah@BlueScopeConstruction.com


 BlueScope_Construction_Headshots_160202_020-Hershey_FINAL.pngMatt Hershey
Vice President, Preconstruction

Matt is in charge of the preconstruction group of the company including business development, marketing, estimating, proposals and design-build services. Matt has experience in all aspects of construction, having previously owned his own company. He works with customers to find the best solution for their new facility.

Email: MJHershey@BlueScopeConstruction.com


BlueScope_Construction_Headshots_160202_021-Schneider_FINAL.pngMick Schneider, P.E., LEED AP
Vice President of Program Accounts & Engineering

Mick’s role oversees all engineering functions at BlueScope Construction as well as responsibility for major corporate multisite partnership relationships. He is a licensed professional engineer and a LEED Accredited Professional. Mick has also been instrumental in initiating BIM and other advanced design tools into the engineering group within BlueScope Construction.

Email: MASchneider@BlueScopeConstruction.com


Tim Robinson 1.pngTim Robinson
Division Manager, WL Concrete

Tim is in charge of WL Concrete of Greenville, SC. WL Concrete is the in-house concrete division of BlueScope Construction providing foundation systems, cast-in-place walls, equipment pits, trenches, tilt-walls, SuperFlat floor slabs, concrete site paving and dolly pads. WL Concrete works nationwide and has an excellent safety record. The WL Concrete team provides a single source for estimating, execution resources and unique solutions for turnkey concrete construction

Email: THRobinson@BlueScopeConstruction.com


Bluescope Headshots_160531_012-Aldrich_FINAL.pngBrian Aldrich
Director of Government Services

Brian is in charge of all BlueScope Construction projects executing through our various government contracts. He excels at identifying all parameters of a potential project, prioritizing critical paths, allocating resources and customer service. Brian is familiar with federal, state and local regulations and can team with customer to achieve the best possible solution for their facility needs.

Email: BNAldrich@BlueScopeConstruction.com


BlueScope_Construction_Headshots_160202_063-Morrison_FINAL.pngJennifer Morrison, LEED AP
Director of Construction

Jennifer leads the project management team through all phases of the project from initial concept, design, approval process to final construction. Her strengths include thorough scope definition, prioritizing critical paths, resource allocation, quality control, sales and customer service. Jennifer is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Email: JAMorrison@BlueScopeConstruction.com


Bluescope Headshots_160531_023-Pofahl_FINAL.pngJosh Pofahl
Director of Construction

Josh is responsible for all operations on our data center customer and other specialized projects. All project managers, superintendents, project engineers and others working on these projects report to Josh. He excels at determining customer needs and providing solutions.

Email: JJPofahl@BlueScopeConstruction.com


BlueScope_Construction_Headshots_160202_025-Bleyhl_FINAL.pngPat Bleyhl
Manager of Field Operations & Safety

Pat is responsible for all field operations for BlueScope Construction, including all safety compliance. He assigns all superintendents to job sites and monitors their work on all on-going projects. He empowers all superintendents to stop work on the jobsite if they see a safety hazard that needs to be rectified. Pat is in charge of all field superintendent reporting procedures and frequently visits active projects to ensure compliance with all BlueScope Construction Best Known Practices.

Email: PBleyhl@BlueScopeConstruction.com


Bluescope Headshots_160531_049-Eubanks_FINAL.pngStan Eubanks
Manager, BlueScope Erection Services

As the Manager of BlueScope Erection Services (BES), Stan is responsible for the performance of BlueScope Construction’s internal steel erection team. This is the in-house team of experienced, highly specialized steel erectors that travel to job sites nationwide to provide steel erection and cladding of large pre-engineered and conventional structures. Under Stan’s leadership, many innovations and new procedures have been implemented in the group resulting in improved productivity, quality, and safety.

   Email: SREubanks@BlueScopeConstruction.com