About Us

BlueScope Construction (BSC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc., a BlueScope Steel company. We specialize in structural design and construction of large industrial buildings utilizing a blend of pre-engineered and conventional steel structural systems.

BlueScope Construction is the only design-build general contractor that can give you an integrated supply chain from raw steel to finished construction. We have the ability to control your project’s steel and concrete procurement, design, detailing, fabrication, delivery and building shell erection, with the added advantage of a one-stop warranty program. And with our in-house concrete foundation, slab, and tilt-wall capabilities, we control the schedule for construction of the entire building shell (which can be the most critical schedule item of your project.)

By employing the total assets of BlueScope Buildings North America, your facility can be sourced from strategically located plants which result in lower freight costs, helps you achieve key points in LEED certification, and ensures available resources to meet tough schedule requirements. In addition, BlueScope Construction has an affiliation with over 2,000 contractors throughout the country who provide local construction knowledge and contacts wherever you want to build.

The net result of this single-source accountability from start to finish is higher quality, a shorter construction schedule, and the lowest in-place cost for your facility.

Leadership Team
BlueScope Construction is powered by more than 200 associates throughout the United States. Our executive team provides the leadership to keep safety the number one priority while exceeding customer expectations by producing innovative, high-performing, quality facilities that are delivered on time and budget. Click here to visit the BlueScope Construction Leadership Team page.

Our Bond
Our Bond is the company charter of BlueScope Steel. It expresses the principles that serve to guide our decisions and actions.

About two hundred employees from across BlueScope were involved in creating the document. From the employee contributions, it was clear that having a document that clearly articulated BlueScope's aims and embodied our aspirations as a company was enormously important to all.

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